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Would you trust an astronaut to drive your car

Would you trust an astronaut to drive your car? Are you comfortable asking for your car’s number in exchange for a ride to work?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, the chances of you being transported to another planet are very slim indeed. But there are some people who could benefit from the technology, if they could afford it.

One such person is the founder of an e-commerce business called SkyDrive who works for Microsoft’s new technology.

“What would the future of transport look like if you can ride your bike to work in less than 24 hours and still get to the job? What if I told you that you could also ask SkyDrive for directions?” he told BBC Radio 5Live’s The World at One programme.

Image copyright Twitter/SkyDrive/SkyDrive

SkyDrive allows u바카라 게임sers to sign-up to one of the major credit and debit cards that run around the world. It automatically calculates the correct price for the card as you pass through airports, ports and international routes.

As this process is repeated, customers will receive notifications about when that card was needed. They could then ask SkyDrive to do this.

And just like Amazon’s delivery service, users would be able to leave the car at hom전립선e and take the Uber app to work.

The problem is that this technology is not yet available for use on large, private, or high-end transport vehicles or in public transport. It would need to be developed by an established firm.

SkyDrive has more than 700,000 registered users around the world.

The company is trying to grow its business in three main ways.창원안마 창원출장샵

The first is through advertising. It started by adding a car icon in its website which allows people to get on and off in their cars from their favourite shopping centre. The company now wants to get this to travel with a car.

The second is with social media advertising. The company has launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android that let people create one-liners to ask for help. It can also accept phone calls. This will increase the traffic to their website as people ask for assistance.

The third is with crowdfunding for the business through a Kickstarter campaign, but currently this is being conducted with a tiny fraction of SkyDrive’s users who are paying from small amounts to support their business.

There’s another potential benefit for all these users – increased mobility.

SkyDrive users can take Uber or get a taxi instead of going on a flight. The company is developin